• Evolution of Gufi

    Do you know that make character is not easy, need a long time, i think. Make a character graffiti is more interesting to me. Character can be everythink, monster, human, or an inanimate. So that time i decide to make a char. Elfinjer, the first name of my char, inspired from many graffiti artist were known, like darbotz, killer gerbill, the yellow dino, tututupai and etc. Elfinjer was a human but his leg was a hand, five finger.
    My Brother, Ayos, tell me that the name, Elfinjer, was so long and seemed not too cool. He suggested me to change the name, to GUFI, abbreviation from Good Finger. Hmm, oke i agree..
    Next form from GUFI, the hand moved in to behind. Why? I though that if the hand was behind, i could easier to explore him. The hand could sweep away, so it could be the weapon, or maybe like pet? haha...
    I dont know definitely why the hand was disappear, haha. In this phase i added a visible muscle, maybe i wanted make him seem strong, or i wanted to paint him more details, haha yeah i was a suck artist, i dont know definitely why there are some phase of Gufi, or i just a follower era?
    The last, but im not sure it was a final. The muscle was made greater, this great muscle inspired from Alvin Lee art. But i like this fase, he looked cool, right? haha...
    What do you think about the next phase? Maybe i added him a dick? hahaha
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    Ayos Purwoaji mengatakan...

    I dont know, but I love this post so much, like a historical timeline how Gufi made today...

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