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    When i was in bandung last week, i and my brother, Ayos went to Gramedia book store. There are some import book at there. Almost all off them was interest to me. We looked around, and finally my brother find this book, Graffiti Asia. I decided to take this book, whereas at first i confused to choose this book or the maclaim book, but i remember Bakero has already had that book. Three hundred rupiahs that i must had paid, hahaha but i didnt feel loss, because it was the great book, this is the interview that i have found in google from seba rashii;

    If you're a fan of street art, also known as graffiti, then this book is well worth a look. Kind of a follow up to the excellent Rackgaki: Japanese Graffiti, but still enjoyable in it's own right this is a general look at the scenes, or lack of on occasion, across the rest of Asia.
    Whilst this book is fascinating with it's well sourced photos, extra detailed interviews with many of the writers and quite lovely cover artwork from Japanese writer ESOW that captures the spirit of the book perfectly, it could have been better to this reviewers mind. Not by much though. As I know so well, the graf' scene of anywhere is hard to access or even discover much about unless you do a lot of walking, photo shoots at ungodly hours and random searches on Flickr that can be very long winded indeed, but the authors did just that and more in countries that barely have a scene to speak of and artists that are reticent to even speak on film. In that, we have the sometimes too brief snapshots of scenes that should be spoken about more. But that's a minor issue when we have even just a little information on graffiti scenes that we would otherwise know nothing about.

    Needless to say, at only 127 pages, this is far too short a read to satisfy my curiosity about the scenes of the various countries covered here. I have the distinct urge, like wanderlust arising, to jump on an airplane with my camera and go photograph some graffiti immediately. Which is the right thing to feel, I suppose, as the world is full of street art, and even if some of it is just far too dangerous to get to normally, it is definitely worth the effort of seeking out. Here's hoping that there will be another book on the world of graffiti from Suridh Hassan and Ryo Sanada, as I'd love to see a full book on Hong Kong's scene or Thailand's fascinatingly uninhibited work. There is much to admire in Graffiti Asia and even if there is an occasional abundance of tags rather than more abstract pieces, this book is well worth a look for those unfamiliar with the Asian graffiti scene. Plus, it comes with a lovely DVD featuring some great interviews, many extras of note and some excellent music! Get it soon and fell the wanderlust rise.

    Seba Rashii

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