• Painting Tegalboto's Wall

              One day, Mas Dhani from Tegalboto, the central magazine of Jember University wrote something to my profile facebook. This writing is about painting the Tegalboto's wall, but in that time, i still in Bandung to get a snmptn test. After i arrived to Jember i tell Mas Dhani, that i ready to paint the wall. At first, we planned to paint the Pramodya Ananta Toer potrait, but after Mas  Dhani discussed about it to Tegalboto alumni, they decide to paint something other the potrait of someone. Finally i get a freedom to decide the painting what i want to paint, they made my creativity to work harder, ahahaha, but i like it. 
             So i decided to paint the painting three person that represent the tegalboto person's working. Typing, reading, and photographing. I divided it to three dominant colors too, blue, yellow, and red. Honestly, i was inspirated by seoulmates8, especially when they touring around europe. I hope yo can enjoy my painting this time haha :D

    "Menuju Pencerahan Masyarakat"

    There is a computer inside the room, that use to typing, layouting, to produce the magazine that can "enlightening society" hehe

    Reading is act that cannot be divided to Tegalboto, absolutely, information is too important to Tegalboto member to produce a fresh, right and interesting magazine.

    And the last is photography, a good magazine is need a good photography, i think? haha  
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    Nuran Wibisono mengatakan...

    mantap iki ndo! makasih ya :D

    die mengatakan...

    Keren Ndro! Tetap berkarya kawan,

    die mengatakan...

    Keren Ndro! Tetap berkarya kawan...

    Elfira Arisanti mengatakan...

    wah bagusnya :) suka gambarmu :)

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